Day 87 St Leonards to Brighton and the finish!

Hen Party Girls Spell

Hen Party Girls Spell "Phil" just prior to his arrival

Saturday, 18th of September, 46 Miles, 3 hours 35 minutes.

Weather: Warm, sunny bit of a head wind.

Acommodation: Thistle Hotel

An amazing day, a perfect day. With a relatively short distance to be covered, almost ideal weather conditions. This being the final leg, from the outset, I decided to go out and really enjoy the ride today.

The route taken pretty much hugged the coastline the whole way and the views were great; particularly those of the vertical chalk cliffs at Beachy Head and notably the Seven Siters at the Birling Gap.

For once, even the climb out of Eastbourne to the top of Beachy Head was a delight. Best site of the day had to be Brighton Pier coming into view.

An amazing reception awaited me as I went under the banner at the finish line, a crowd of cheering people, champagne, photos the lot! Many thanks to my friends from Oxted who were able to get down and see me across the line.

From Andy

Phil had anticipated arriving at one o'clock and several supporters managed to make it down to Brighton Pier ahead of his arrival. Phil phoned several of us on his progress along the coast and eventually arrived around 2 o'clock.

The unfurling of his banner caused a lot of interest from passers by, including some very nice girls having a Hen Party Weekend! Phil came in very quickly aiming for the banner and immediately was presented with a bottle of champagne from Alan Percival. Instead of drinking it as any normal person would, he immediately sprayed it at all and sundry, which depleted our little welcoming committee!

Phil admitted to a gruelling test of emotional and physical fortitude in the last ten days and was obviously overjoyed to have completed his journey around Britain's coastline, clocking up 5083 miles over 87 days.

Tomorrow he is joined by a small party of cyclists who will escort him back, over the infamous Ditchling Beacon, the last 40 miles home to Oxted.

He should arrive at Oxted around 14:00 so for those wishing to congratulate him, please gather at The Crown Old Oxted.

At this stage in the proceedings can we ask for pledged donations and anything you feel able to donate as Phil now tries to achieve his fund-raising target of £20,000.

Picture Gallery

Hen Party Girls Spell "Phil" just prior to his arrival
Phil seconds before crossing the line
Seagull searching for target...
The Finish 5083 miles and 87 days
Phil crowd clearing!
To the victor the spoils!
Slightly less heroic pose...
The jobs not over, until the paperworks done!
The Bike!
The Van Nicholas Yukon, shows no obvious signs of wear and tear after 2000 miles of training and 5000 for the trip!
Weird suntan effect!
The support team!
The Management lend a hand!
Messing about...
I want it back now!
Beachey Head
Beachey Head
The end in site: Brighton Pier