Day 83 Ipswich - Southend-on-Sea

Tuesday 14th September

123 Miles, 8 Hours 46 Minutes.

Weather - Cool, overcast, windy and intermittent.

Accommodation - Beaches Guest House

Amazing what your body can do when you set your mind to it. By far the greatest distance covered in any one day so far (123 miles) and for that matter time actually spent in the saddle pedaling (8 and three quarter hours). Although the route was virtually flat through out it's entirety, with the unfavorable weather conditions (rain and strong blustery winds) that persisted all day I was amazed how my stamina was still hanging on in there so late in the trip.

Nothing to note, I'm afraid to say, in the way of scenery - probably just as well as my eyes were permanently transfixed just a few yards ahead on the road.

On the positive side, whilst having lunch at a pub in Tolleshunt D'Arcy (the 'Queens' Head; I think) the landlady and a lady customer between them kindly made a £30 donation. I wish also to extent my thanks to Mark and Marilyn Dickinson at the Beaches Guest House in South end-on-Sea for generously donating a free right's accommodation and breakfast.