Day 82 Ipswich (Rest Day)

Monday 13th September

Cumulative Distance - 4696 Miles

Cumulative Time - 35 Hours 14 Minutes

Weather - Cool/Dry/Overcast

Accommodation - Carlton Hotel

On what i hope will be my last rest day before getting back to Brighton next Saturday afternoon, I reflected, with some satisfaction, on the 500 miles I had covered in that last 6 Days(an average of 83 miles per day). My only concern is that the effort taken has resulted in the 'discomfort' I’m now feeling in my left knee. On the plus side, the 'angry' insect bite on my leg I have been worrying about seems to have 'calmed down'.

The rest day followed it's usual pattern of updating Andy at website HQ with information for the last week and getting provisions from Ipswich Town centre, including the all important electrolyte and protein supplements (thanks to Phil's Bike company Ltd shop for being so near and actually stocking them!)

On the funny side I realised today the tiredness was definitely taking it's toll when, in the process of making a cup of coffee in my room, I poured the sugar into the waste paper bin instead of the cup.