Day 84 South End-on-Sea to Bexley

Wednesday 15th September

68 Miles, 5 Hours 30 Minutes.

Weather Dry, warm, sunny and windy.

Accommodation - Holiday Inn

I had been looking forward to the ride into London and crossing over the Thames on Tower Bridge for weeks. In reality it was a nightmare, and probably the worst 48 miles of the whole trip. I was not only frustrated by cycling the whole way up the estuary from South End to London into a strong headwind, but by the continual stop starting caused by much heavier traffic and an increased number of traffic lights, which consequently slowed my progress. Additionally time was being wasted in trying to avoid the direct but busy A13 and just simply finding my way.

Once into London I made my way to the Alzheimer’s Society head office in St Kathrin’s Dock where I was greeted enthusiastically by Emma and her Colleges, photos where taken to mark my arrival. I then finally crossed tower bridge and enjoyed a fast tail-wind assisted ride back down the other side of the estuary to my over night stop.

I met up briefly with Peter Hannon (good friend and Crown regular) in the evening who not only treated me to dinner but also kindly paid for my overnight accommodation. Many Thanks Peter.

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