Day 65 Peterhead to Montrose

Friday 27th August. 73 Miles, 5 hours 07 minutes.

Weather: Cool, overcast and sunny

Accommodation: Oaklands Guest House

Did recorded interview on local radio station ‘Waves FM’ before setting off from Peterhead (will be going out ‘on air’ this Sunday).

Easier route today in terms of terrain and wind favourable but miles seemed to drag by. Sadly, there was nothing much to see scenery wise. Aberdeen was busy and bustling with traffic (particularly docklands area) – Stonehaven, where I had lunch down by the harbour, was thankfully a lot quieter. A section of the A90 between Aberdeen and Stonehaven (approximately 10 miles) distinctly unpleasant to cycle on due to fast and heavy traffic. Hardly anywhere to eat in Montrose (all fast- takeout food) so did the usual and had yet another curry. Now feeling extremely tired – both physically and mentally.