Day 62 Inverness Rest Day

Kate and Don Longden

Kate and Don Longden

Day 62 Tuesday 24th August Inverness (rest day)

Cumulative distance: 3428 miles
Cumulative time: 258 hr 25 min

Weather: Overcast/Rain

Accommodation: Kate and Don Longden

A big ‘Thank you’ to Tom Fallon and Karen Holliday (the couple I met in a pub in Banaive, Fort William and who kindly made a donation) for putting me in contact with my hosts Kate and Don here in Farr on the outskirts of Inverness.

I dedicated the whole of today to updating ‘Mission Control’ back in Oxted with website info/photos for the last 9 days – monopolised Kate and Don’s study and computer all day, not venturing outside the house even once. Other than meal times, I spent very little time with my very understanding hosts – for this I apologise profusely.