Day 61 Tain to Inverness

Monday, 23rd August, 101 Miles, 6 hours 57 minutes.

Weather: Cool, overcast with rain later.

Accommodation: Courtesy of Kate & Don Longden

Completed my first century ride of the trip – gross miscalculation on my part as I thought 70 miles would get me to Inverness (nevertheless quite pleased with myself considering yesterday’s long ride and the fact that I am still not feeling 100%). Covering distance was essential as I needed to get to the bike shop in Inverness before it closed – amazingly arrived just after 4pm. Left bike there to have check over and replacement of chain and rear cassette done tommorw (my rest day) – the worn chain had done its job and got me 600 miles from Fort William without ‘slipping’ once!

Kate (my accommodation host) was there to collect and drive me the 10 miles inland to Farr where I will be staying for 2 nights.

Fortunately for me, the wind and terrain were overall in my favour today. I reached the two thirds milestone (3,333 miles) on a remote road 6 miles east of Tain. No photos taken today as focus was all about getting there – didn’t even have time to stop for lunch!

No pictures today.