Day 58 Skerray to Thurso

Friday August 20th - 40 Miles, 3 hours 37 minutes.

Weather: Dry, cool and very windy.

Accommodation: Waterside Guest House

The day started well – not only did Helen (my host) generously donate £50 on behalf of her mother (An Alzheimer’s sufferer), her friend Sheila offered me accommodation in Sandwich (Kent) and I received a ‘rousing’ send off with both Helen and Smiler accompanying me on their bikes as far as the local beach. With regard to the day’s ride, this was totally dictated by the weather. I had anticipated a short comfortable ride but a strong headwind changed all that – by the end it felt like I had cycled double the distance. Apart from one or two nice beaches (notably at Bettyhill) there wasn’t that much to see although I did pass Dounreay Nuclear Power Station (Currently being de-commissioned) – to be honest my head was looking down at the road for most of the time and my focus was all about just getting to Thurso as soon as possible.

A great send off in the morning by my hosts with final shots of me disappearing into the distance.

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Douneray Power Station, feel those rays!
Douneray Power Station, feel those rays!