Day 50 Strontian to Corpach

Thursday August 12th Strontian - Corpach (near Fort William). 59 miles 4 hours 31 minutes.

Weather: Dry/overcast

Accommodation: Tangusdale (B&B)

Well I was right about something - after yesterday's strenuous exploits I had predicted I would suffer today. Within 30 minutes my legs were telling me they didn't want to partake in any more exercise but they kept going and for the first 20 or so miles the road continued to undulate culminating in a steep 1 mile climb. Luckily, apart from one other lengthy hill climb, the road and the wind were a lot kinder on the run back in to Fort William and the strain on my legs eased.

Came close today to having my first proper accident when I nearly got hit by a boat! (it was being towed behind a van and happened when the driver overtook me on a section of single track road).

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