Day 27 Helsby to Preston

Tuesday 20th July.

Hellsby to Preston - 84 Miles - 5hr 35mins

Weather: Very Very Wet.

Accomodation (Mon 19th July - Night before restarting the ride): Q Hotels - The Park Royal (Featured right - Special thanks to Spabreak Direct for organising this and Q Hotels)

Accomodation (actual accomodation for day 27): Sally and Richard French.

Phil restarted the ride at Helsby at the spot where he heard the news about his Mother. He said that it felt great to be back on the bike - he had an enjoyable day's ride dispite the heavy rain in the afternoon, which was aided greatly by the flat terrain, a favourable wind and the fact that his legs felt refreshed.

During Phils return day he also said that the day was greatly improved by the friendly locals and the lovely reception he recieved where ever he went including, Hannah + co workers at Frankie Benny's in Southport where Phil had lunch and Cashiers/Staff at the Esso Garage in Walmer Bridge who made him coffee whilst he was sheltering from the rain. (Both places also made generous donations so many thanks to them for there support.)

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