Day 23 Anglesey

Monday, June 28th

Menai Bridge to Menai Bridge. 60 miles.

Weather - Warm and sunny

Accommodation - Menai Bridge

Caught up with Phil, he had a great day cycling around Anglesey with Joe (the owner) of the hotel he was staying in and a friend of his. Enjoyed the company after nearly 1200 miles on his todd.

Weather looking changeable in the North West over the coming days, Phil isn't worried about rain, but wind could slow him down. I said to lay off the baked beans and cabbage J20s (His preferred training drink).

Hope to have more as soon as he can get off the massage couch and be bothered to text some more!

Photo 1: Phil's two cycling companions on the day's ride around Anglesey: Joe (Manager of the Anglesey Arms Hotel at Menai Bridge) on the left and his good cycling friend Graham.
Photo 2: Station with the longest name in the world. Phil said "I knew that this station was in wales but did not know that it was in Anglesey!".
Photo 3: Outside Anglesey Arms Hotel, Menai Bridge at end of day's ride. A pint awaits!
Photo 4: Joe and Graham again
Photo 5: And again!

Picture Gallery

Joe and Graham
Joe and Graham