Day 18 Tenby (Rest Day)

Overlooking Tenbys North Beach

Overlooking Tenbys North Beach

Wednesday 23rd June.

Tenby (Rest Day). Cumulative Distance: 1095 Miles Cumulative Time: 86 hours 28 minutes.

Weather - Hot and sunny. Overcast later on.

Accommodation: Weybourne Guest House.

Had ‘lie in’ until 8am. Fry up breakfast at 9 am which made a nice change to being on the road by 7am.

Spent most of the day sending back info/photos from last few days for updating the website. Forward planning in terms of schedule for next few days.

Watched England v Slovenia game in room at B&B (much better viewing).

Lunch and evening meals comprised pasta dishes in preparation for long cycle ride to Fishguard tomorrow.

Photo 1: Overlooking Tenby’s ‘North Beach’
Photo 2: View of Tenby Harbour.
Photo 3: View of Tenby Harbour.
Photo 4: View of Tenby Harbour.

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Overlooking Tenbys North Beach
View of Tenby Harbour.
View of Tenby Harbour.
View of Tenby Harbour.