Day 15 Pilning to Llandaff (Cardiff)

Entering Wales

Entering Wales

Sunday 20th June

Pilning to Cardiff. 97 miles. 6hr 49min.

Weather - Hot and sunny.

Accommodation - Robin and Sally Younge.

Phil is cranking on, even he was surprised by his mileage today. The weather is great and the extra effort of the hilly stages seems to have increased his range now on the flat. He promises to get us some more info, plus more pictures in lycra for those who are attracted to that sort of thing...

Tempted but resisted short cut across Severn Bridge – instead cycled extra 60 miles up Severn estuary to Gloucester and back down the other side to Chepstow.

Photo 1: Across the Welsh border on the outskirts of Chepstow. Greatest distance covered in one day to date and equaled highest average speed. Wind overall kind today and terrain flat.
Photo 2: Cycled into Cardiff city centre and ride passed Castel and Millennium Stadium (photo) before arriving in Llandaff (suburb).

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Entering Wales
Millennium Stadium