Day 5 Torquay to Plymouth

Thursday 10th June

Torquay - Plymouth. 63 miles. 5 hr 4 min.

Weather - Warm/overcast.

Accomodation - John and Beryl Northwood

Only 63 miles today, and Phil felt it was the hardest to date. His lycra is starting to get a bit baggy already despite polishing off a whole Ryvita and a half of slimline Guinness the day before. I offer to Fedex him down some thermos flasks filled with warm lard and dripping before he fades away to nothing.

Phil is staying with John and Beryl Northwood after a quick visit to Merlin Cinemas who are sponsors and also the cinema company he worked for when we he was living in Cornwall with Betty Stoggs.

His legs were tired after yesterday's exertions but luckily aided by following wind. First proper pub lunch he's had at Ashburton Arms near Kingsbridge - large portion of spaghetti bolognese.

Photo - With one of Phil's hosts John Northwood outside their house in Torquay.