If you're Scottish

Alzheimer Scotland Logo

Visitors from Scotland will be aware that The Alzheimer's Society is for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, Alzheimer Scotland is the charity that works to help sufferers of the disease and their carers. As a large portion of Phil's ride is around the Scottish coast he didn't want to leave them out, so he contacted Alzheimer Scotland to see what he could do to help. We were prepared to add a second JustGiving donations page for Alzheimer Scotland (just in case any proud Scots thought they were donating to a Sassenach-only cycle ride!) but they recommended we divvy up when Phil completes the ride.

Phil In Scottish Shirt

Alzheimer Scotland kindly sent Phil t-shirts to wear on his Scottish leg, so if you happen to see him on the West / North / East coast give him a bit of encouragement. He is actually doing the journey completely on his own. There is no support van, with hot drinks and linement. This also means he has to carry all his clothing etc on the bike itself.